Yesterday afternoon, one of the designers that I work for brought me 3 fabrics and some measurements for a little girl. I was to make 3 different dresses, 2 of each.

Usually, you need more than one of any costume for a movie or TV show, just in case. And in most cases because there is a photo double or stunt double, lots of action, dirt or a character gets killed in a messy way.

I make a pattern based on the measurements I’m given, and the design that the designer gives me. Then I cut it out, and begin to sew it together.

Sometimes I get help from “Kitten”, and sometimes I have to try to persuade her into believing that her toys are more interesting than what I’m doing…. not always easy!

Next stage is the construction. In this case, I have to piece some old embroidery pieces onto one of the dresses. Because I have to make two dresses that look the same, and I only have embroidery from one old dress, I have to cut it all apart and piece it together so that both the dresses have the same embroidery look on them. This took me quite a while to do…. not hard, just fiddly.

Many hours later, voila…. I have 6 dresses ready for a fitting on Wednesday! This little girl is going to look so cute!

I’ve decided that I will show a bit more of this side of my work…. I’m not going to say what show it is until it’s released…. Then, I will tell you the name of the movie and the costume designer. Hope you have as much fun with it as I do making them!

I’m very excited because one of my favourite Designers to work for, Monique Prudhomme, has been nominated for an Oscar for the film “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. It will be so thrilling to watch the Academy Awards. Last week Monique won the “Excellence in Fantasy Film” award at the 12th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards.