I bought the tickets last May, as a gift for my daughters birthday. Last week I asked her if she wanted to take one of her friends to the show and she responded with, “no, you’re alright”. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment, although at the time it felt more like a mercy comment. The rain held off all day… right up until we got off the bus at Deer Lake Park. We made our way through the security with our two bags of rain gear and blankets and headed over to stake out our real estate on the grass. I immediately made a B-Line for the beer tent, grabbed a glass and came back to join Emma on the grass.

These Kids Wear Crowns

The first band up was These Kids Wear Crowns from Chilliwack and it turns out the lead singer is my brothers friends nephew….haaaa…..kind of a funny coincidence. They were pretty good. We liked how they executed the cover tunes. I particularly like the way they covered the Beyonce single. A little bit of a punk edge to Single Ladies. They put lots of energy into their show.

By the time the next act came on, we were both wearing our rain coats and were pretty much wet and my beer was slightly diluted. We wandered up and got a couple of crepes…yummmy and ran into two of Emmas friends and one their moms.

Emma, Alex and Nikita

I really enjoyed the second act. It was Daniel Wesley and I will be purchasing his album soon. I had heard of him, but was unfamiliar with his music. Turned out to be right  up my alley.

The main act, Hedley, came on and the girls all rushed down to the front area while Cathy and I stayed back and watched, enjoying the fresh coldness of the falling rain and our beers. I have to admit that I really enjoyed Hedley and I was pleased to discover that they are from Vancouver. Indeed, all three bands were from the area, which was a really nice treat. Hedley, though, did seem truly Canadian, especially with the plaid shirt and the campfire!

Spotlight Operators

I love this shot of the back lit spotlight operators at work.  We met up with the girls after the show and Emma and I said our goodbyes and jumped onto our bus home. When we transferred and ran to catch the next bus, Emma realized she had left her wallet on the previous bus. Luckily it was still in the bay and she was able to get it. We had to wait another half hour for the next bus which was a bit of a bummer, but, oh well….All in all it was a good night, good music, fun bus trips and good company, and  we were at home and in bed by midnight.