So, not sure where time goes. It’s like it’s infinite and finite all at the same time. Does it really even go anywhere? Or are we just so used to gauging everything we do on this elusive yet structured concept of time, that it becomes our only way to monitor our lives?

Whatever…I feel like I’ve been so busy in the last 2 years that I haven’t had time to think.

Here’s me trying to make an appointment.  “Do you have any appointments on Saturdays?”, I ask. They usually answer with “No but we can get you in at 8am”.  “That won’t work, I start work at 7am”, I respond.  “Oh, ok that’s no problem, we have someone who works until 7pm, I have an opening with her at 6:30” they respond. “I don’t get off work until 7:30pm, I wouldn’t be able to get there until 7:45pm” I conclude with “thanks, maybe next year”.

Here’s a snap shot of my week while I’m working on a show.  My alarm goes off at 5:30, I jump up, brush my teeth, shower, dry my hair and dress. Go to the kitchen, make a smoothie and a lunch, feed and water my cat. I put all my stuff by the door and start doing my physio exercises.  When my alarm goes off at 6:45, I jump up throw my boots and coat on and run out to the car. Luckily, I’m usually only 5-10 minutes from work, depending on the show. I get to work at 7am, lunch at 12:30, snack around 5pm and I leave at 7:30pm. Come home, make some food, answer emails, fill orders, and visit with my cat and daughter and then off to bed. Repeat for 5 days. Saturday usually consists of a combination of two or more of these things…. a physio appointment, pilates, hair cut, grocery shopping visit with friends, trip to recycling depot.  Sunday, sometimes it’s a social thing, or staying at home and cleaning or hanging out with my daughter.

An 8 hour a day job would feel like a part-time job to me as I’ve worked 12 hour days for the past 20 years.

Time doesn’t really go anywhere…we do.