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There was so much negativity whirling around the whole idea of the Olympics here in Vancouver, that as it approached most people took on a typical “what will be, will be” attitude. Now that it’s finished, I can say with pride that Vancouver did a really fantastic job as a host city! Everything about our fine city was just…. well…. better, during the games. Traffic flowed quite well as did the beer and the people that filled the streets and venues. Wonderful art exhibits and performers were all over the place and the atmosphere was electric. But, what really clenched the games for me was the closing day. Imagine me, the hockey antagonist, getting up early on Sunday morning in order to claim my stool at the local pub! It just doesn’t get stranger than that!  And I had fun…. I even followed the game… took the utmost in concentration after the 3 pints, or was it 4?, but, I did it….. It was a great game and something to be proud of as a Canadian. It was really cool after the final goal when the whole pub broke into singing “Oh Canada”…. brought tears to my eyes.  And 14 Gold Medals! Wow…. Good going Canada! …now…. you deserve to be able to show off those giant beavers and moose!

I’m really looking forward to the Paralympic Winter Games! March 12-21  2010         Maybe I’ll even try to catch a sledge hockey game! Wheelchair Curling sounds amazing too.

Hi, I’m Leslie Cairns, Owner/Designer for Buggy Bag Mobility Accessories. People often suggest that I should be talking more about who I am. I didn’t really think that you guys would want to hear about me….  I was wrong though….afterall, buggy bag® is about me, and my values and feelings about things. I’ve got some funny stories, I’m told that I’m extremely opinionated and I’ve also done a lot of really interesting things in past years. Do I dare say how many years? Well, let’s just say 40 some odd years. Like my time working at “the Hoagie House”… or maybe that 1st date that whisked me off to a hockey game in another province. Never mind my personal feelings about hockey. The Tragically Hip said it best in the song Fireworks… “You said you didn’t give a fuck about hockey, I never saw someone say that before”. As a Canadian, I do tend to be reluctant to admit such shocking truths. I almost feel like a bit of an alien for saying it, but, hockey just doesn’t give me the joy that I get from so many other things. In fact, I liken it to watching someone play Bejelewed on their iPod….Yup, that exciting. Not to mention, that you have to sit in a giant refrigerator to watch it! I hate being cold.

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The hockey enthusiast!

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Buggy Bag® Mobility Products is dedicated to helping loved ones stay warm and dry while on the go. Buggy Bag® Stroller, Jogger and Wheelchair blankets protect against the cold and wet, while offering visibility in low light conditions.

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