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A few days ago, we did a photo shoot to highlight the buggy bag® wheelchair lap blanket. Fortunately, I know a brilliant photographer/visual artist (see who was willing to help me out. Rina found our model, location and even drove. We headed out to Coquitlam, where we would be doing the shoot with our model Jessica. We met up with Jessica and headed off to the park. Boy, did we ever get lucky with her! Jessica is nice, funny and pretty, and I think all of these traits shone through in the shots that Rina got. The best part of all though, was that Jessica got me thinking about new products for the buggy bag® line. I just get so stoked when people offer great feedback. My brain goes into overdrive thinking of new things to make. I love making things. I’ll tell you more about that next time!

Jessica took a Navy Lap Blanket home that day.

On the morning that the Buggy Bag® Site Launched, I was honored by an invitation to come and show the new Lap Blanket at a ConnecTra Workshop at the Vancouver Public Library. As it turned out it was also the ConnecTra Societys 10th birthday. The event was fairly well attended despite the rainy Vancouver day and the “HandyDart” strike. I had the opportunity to speak with most of the people in wheelchairs as I went around the room getting everybody to fill out the entry form for the draw. The winner of the draw for the free Buggy Bag® Lap Blanket was a woman by the name of Violeta.

Happy Birthday ConnecTra… and thanks for having me come and show the Lap Blanket!

On the trail with the BC Mobility Opportunity Society's Trailrider


ConnecTra is a connecting agency, linking people with disabilities to activities and programs that will, over time, allow them to gain confidence and become more active and involved in community life (it also includes self-employment group Abilities Business Co-op). ConnecTra is one of the six affiliated societies that make up the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation

Did you know?….. Sam Sullivan served a term as Vancouver City Mayor.

As some of you already know, the new buggy bag® lap blanket was introduced on October 1st.  My very first customer emailed me and said,  “… like your video demonstrates. I’m right hemiplegic.”

When I started  this project I was certain that I could come up with a product that would be really useful for a variety of people, and I think I succeeded at that. But, I have to admit that that comment made by my first customer made me really happy and so appreciative at the same time. You see, I had not thought of the need to have an opening going from the right side. I’m not sure why I picked the left side to be the opening side….maybe, because I’m a “lefty” myself, maybe, because the first person I worked with to develop the product happened to reach over and pull his blanket back from the left….. It doesn’t really matter why…..

What matters is that I will always feel thankful to that first customer for helping me see yet another way of looking at things.  It’s because of people like him that I can make the lap blanket a better product and be able to help more people be more comfortable.

This and your new water-proof Buggy Bag® Lap Blanket.....

This and your new water-proof Buggy Bag® Lap Blanket.....

It’s been a long time and a lot of work, but the time is here. The buggy bag® Mobility Site is launching in the morning! I’m so excited! I feel like I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into this thing…. and that, is good feeling. I love this product and I hope it is comforting and useful to all of the people who decide to buy it. It’s guaranteed, so if it’s not exactly working for certain people they can return it…. but, if you are one of those people…. please send it back with suggestions as to how I can make it better, or more suitable for certain needs in the future. Now that the ball is rolling and things are in place it will be easier to add more products and do different designs and variations of the primary product!

Let me know how you like it… and keep reading the blogs, because I will be keeping you posted about new styles and colors, among other things..

Time to get out and enjoy some fresh air! to view a video of me talking about the new Lap Blanket.

I need to have the first batch of buggy bag® Lap Blankets ready for October 1st…. That’s the day that the site launches this product. Getting things produced here in Vancouver can be a bit of a trial, to say the least. We do have some great manufacturers here, but not very many, so when they are busy…. well, that’s it!

I have a friend with a factory and I was able to borrow her cutting table to cut out the first batch. That took from 9am- 3pm today, but they are now ready to be sewn. Did I mention that I work in film? I make patterns/costumes for TV and Film. I work as a contractor and am always juggling different jobs. Always challenging, always new and always fun!

The buggy bag® Lap Blanket is close to my heart though, and is a special thing that I make time to do because I think it’s important. I want to make traveling in a wheelchair a warm, dry and safe experience.

COMING SOON October 1st, 2009

Who knew that music would be so tough? Costa put some digital piano in and it was pretty nice music considering that he isn’t a musician. Thing is, it just wasn’t uplifting in any way. I searched on-line for royalty free music and came across a piece that we ended up using. It’s warm and exciting… Just like the product. I hope all the buggy bag lap blanket customers like it.

Raining on shoot day, in Vancouver. Not surprising, and we were ready. I had already moved all my furniture to make room for the shoot. Lot’s of help showed up, including, Costa (the videographer), theCyberSpaceKing, Colin (our friend) , my daughter, and myself. We spent 6 hours shooting details over and over to get the best selection of material to work with. I was impressed with Costa’s eye for detail. We will get together next week to record the voice track and then he will edit it all together into this awesome clip to show the buggy bag® Lap Blanket to its fullest. The cool weather is almost upon us and I can’t wait to be able to get this great product out into the hands of people that want to stay warm and dry while out in their wheelchairs. Don’t forget to check the site on launch day, October 1, 2009.

Last Thursday I went to a new physiotherapist…. I haven’t actually been to one since rehab just after my accident (7 years ago this Nov). I didn’t think I needed to go. I work out, I go to my naturopath for pain management, etc….. I guess I was wrong, because after only 6 days of the same localized exercises for my knee, my mobility has increased, stiffness is reduced and pain in is almost non-existent! I feel much better. I can’t wait to see what new exercises she gives me next week.

Don’t for get to check the buggy bag® site on December 1st for the new wheelchair lap blanket!

Yes, here it is a beautiful sunny, warm Sunday in Vancouver, and I’m working. Sometimes I’m a bit  envious of my friends that work the Monday-Friday, 9-5 thing. There is a lot to be said for a bit of predictability…. and a weekend off to play with your friends! I’ve been working the buggy bag® business for many years now and I’ve simultaneously been building costumes for movies and TV shows.  The new buggy bag® lap blanket for wheelchair users has been in the works for nearly 2 years now. It’s going to be so great to see it start to make a difference to peoples lives!  This week I’m making a tin man style costume for a child actor for one show and 10 1830’s style dresses for another show. I just love the juggling act… but, I have to say sometimes the balls all fall down, and unfortunately, I’m right under them when they go…..ouch!  My life is anything but predictable!  Back to work now!

So, I was thinking about how to best convey the great features and attributes of this new wheelchair product….. do I do line drawings?…. photos?….. written instructions?

No….. of course, it has to be a buggy bag® How-To Video!

I happen to be blessed with amazing friends in my life and people with much expertise. One of my brother’s long-time friends (and I like to think of him as my friend now too) is an amazing videographer. I’m lucky enough to have him accept the project and we will be doing the shoot September 5th. Coming up with locations (weather permitting) is fun. Since the product is for out-door use, it seems appropriate to shoot the buggy bag® lap blanket for wheelchairs video outside…..

Sure hope the weather holds up for us!

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