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I was in the Everything Wines Store a couple of weeks ago and I ran into Ivan, who works there and has helped me select great wines in the past. He told me about an evening of Peruvian Food Tasting and Wine Pairings that he was preparing to do in my neighbourhood. Well, those are two of my favourite things, so, I was in for  sure. Two of my friends and I went tonight to a small restaurant by the name of the Rustic Llama Peruvian Cafe. There were about 20-25 guests for the pairing. It was really great because Ivan, the host gave a very informative presentation about Peru and it’s rich cultural history, and we heard about the wines from several reps that attended.


Luis and Carmen prepared some amazing dishes in Peruvian tradition, starting with  Ceviche de Pescado which was paired with  Pisco Sour, which is not a wine, but a cocktail containing pisco brandy, egg whites, lime and some other magic ingredients. It was a fresh start.

One of my favourites was the Causa de Pulpo  potato dish with octopus… paired with Olivares Rose wine.

Causa de Pulpo

The Arroz con Pollo chicken served with cilantro flavoured rice was amazing and  the Salvalai Primitivo Flaio only helped to enhance the already wonderful flavours.

Claudio, specializes in Pollo a la Brasa, which we got to sample tonight along with Ferrandiere Marselan. It was the most flavourful rotisserie chicken…. and oh so juicy!

Lana and Rina

Rina took some pictures… sure hope they turned out better than mine did….

Dessert consisted of the most delicate little pastry that reminded me of a very light shortbread with a delicious rich dark filling made from browned sweetened milk. With the desert wine, it was an even richer experience…

OK… the food, the wine… all good!!  But, the whole evening was made fantastic by great friends, conversations and laughs!

If any of you would like to try out some great food, I would recommend the trek out to Boundary and Hastings to the Rustic Llama Peruvian Cafe…but, make sure you only come out on Friday or Saturday, because they aren’t open the rest of the week!

If you want more details about the pairings and food and also way better pictures… be sure to stop in and see Ivans’ Blog!

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