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July 10, 2010 at 7PM, I was just about to leave for a BBQ at a friends house, when I heard a very scary noise that was building in volume and intensity so quickly that I ran from my kitchen into the living room immediately to see what was going on. The whole episode took only about 3-10 seconds, it felt like about 30 seconds because, in that time, I saw from my top floor apartment, my neighbours running around and looking up, kids screaming and covering their ears, I felt my windows and floors vibrating horribly and then saw my cat jumping about two feet in the air before disappearing under my bed. During these seconds, I could only conclude that there was about to be a very bad accident, because there could be no other reason for such an incredibly foreign noise… In my mind I could imagine a plane crashing into my lovely neighbourhood. Then in the next second, I see the source of the noise heading away toward the mountains… It looks black, nasty and scary to me… maybe because it was the cause of my extremely elevated heart rate, or, maybe because, even though I didn’t know what type of aircraft it was, I knew in my heart that it wasn’t one that would be used to do anything but damage.

It took me about an hour today, to find anyone to talk to about it. I finally got a hold of a really helpful fellow from Transport Canada Civil Aviation Contingency Operations who looked into it and was assured by his West Coast Military contacts that “The only aircraft reported to be in the area at that altitude was thought to be an F-18 doing low pass for the BC Lions game opener.”

How nice… and I thought I was upset before… now I’m just plain angry…

This is not the 1950’s… “most” of us are not only unimpressed by this type of display, but, confused and/or even repulsed by it! Ahhh… why’s that you ask? Well, let me count the ways….

1a) The noise was WAY out of line… imagine lying on railway tracks while a train passes over, the rumbling and noise would be comparable…

1b) The F-18 is the same plane that has broken the sound barrier…

2) The F-18 is a military bomber…. that is it’s sole purpose… doesn’t anyone else find that disconcerting?

3a) This was the choice of our military to send this over as a “salute” to the BC Lions. Now a good old salute from, say… the Coca-Cola Corporation’s pocket book would have been just fine, but, this salute came out of our pocketbooks. Yes, your’s too, if you’re Canadian that is…

3b) If our government/military… yes, there is a reason I’m lumping them together… is as concerned about trimming our emissions as most of the taxpayers are, then, why send this hugely obnoxious, pompous and downright terrifyingly expensive comment, on how they see things. Yup, message received, but, not the one they intended to send.

4) Did I mention… this is a bomber… that has broken the sound barrier? I don’t want this thing anywhere near my neighbourhood and my heart just about breaks thinking about how many lives that same aircraft has changed forever, in other parts of the world…

It's a 'multi-use' aircraft!

If that’s the only time in my life I ever have to hear that sound, I will consider myself very, very lucky. Actually, I already do.

Since BC Place is getting a new roof, the games have been moved out to Empire Stadium which is just at the bottom of the hill that I reside on top of. When the game lights are on… I don’t need to use any lights, which would be a good thing if the light weren’t quite so ghastly! No romance here during a BC Lions game that’s for sure….

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