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Can’t believe I just woke up. It’s 10am…. I never sleep this late! Last night my daughter and I jumped on a bus and headed down to Gastown for  my friend Rina’s opening “weRwatching2010” My daughter, Emma had submitted about 8 minutes of the torch relay  shot in Burnaby with her friends from school. She was excited about seeing it up on the side of a building. The Jeffery Boone Gallery is at 1 East Cordova St. and we only had to walk a block in the pouring Vancouver rain. The gallery itself is quite small and on one wall there was a live feed to the street right outside. We could see people walking along and stopping and looking up at the outside of the building where the Torch Relay Footage was being projected. Emma and I went out to have a look at the wall too, and as I opened my umbrella, the handle popped off, it flew out of my hands and across the sidewalk. I figured that would have added some comic relief for the people watching inside the gallery. The show was cool…. a really great idea. Rina is full of great ideas, so nothing surprised me. Turned out that there were many other projects in the neighbourhood, all part of “Public Art Vancouver” and “Bright Light”….see

Rina Liddle "This is Public Art" 2006

A few days ago, we did a photo shoot to highlight the buggy bag® wheelchair lap blanket. Fortunately, I know a brilliant photographer/visual artist (see who was willing to help me out. Rina found our model, location and even drove. We headed out to Coquitlam, where we would be doing the shoot with our model Jessica. We met up with Jessica and headed off to the park. Boy, did we ever get lucky with her! Jessica is nice, funny and pretty, and I think all of these traits shone through in the shots that Rina got. The best part of all though, was that Jessica got me thinking about new products for the buggy bag® line. I just get so stoked when people offer great feedback. My brain goes into overdrive thinking of new things to make. I love making things. I’ll tell you more about that next time!

Jessica took a Navy Lap Blanket home that day.

buggy bag® mobility products

Buggy Bag® Mobility Products is dedicated to helping loved ones stay warm and dry while on the go. Buggy Bag® Stroller, Jogger and Wheelchair blankets protect against the cold and wet, while offering visibility in low light conditions.

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