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As you may have guessed, I’ve been pretty busy in the last two weeks. I know, I know, no excuses…. but really, I’ve drafted patterns, cut out and constructed 3 leather coats, 3 leather vests and 3 leather dresses. But, that’s another post, and I will describe these in more detail in another post. For now I have something more exciting.  I met the most amazing guy the other day. He had the most wonderful energy and positive outlook, I just liked him right away. I’m always looking for new ideas for adaptive clothing and new Buggy Bag products, so I was really happy when he agree to work with me to develop a few new things (tell you about those later). He took a couple of Lap Blankets from me to try out with his “InterFit” organization when they go out on hikes. He started this group in North Vancouver to provide people with disabilities, the opportunity to get out into the woods and enjoy the fresh air. I just love this idea. Seeing the news story that was done on the group, and the huge smile on the girls face as she was escorted through the BC woods, on this really cool unit by volunteers brought tears to my eyes. I never saw such wonder and joy on one face. Such a great experience.

InterFit is holding a fundraiser in North Vancouver, so if you’re interested in helping out a really fantastic organization, here is a link

I also want to show you a pictures of the rigs used on the trails.. they’re so cool! I can’t wait for my first hike as a volunteer.

This is the ORC – Off Road Chair

And this is the Trail Rider …

There was so much negativity whirling around the whole idea of the Olympics here in Vancouver, that as it approached most people took on a typical “what will be, will be” attitude. Now that it’s finished, I can say with pride that Vancouver did a really fantastic job as a host city! Everything about our fine city was just…. well…. better, during the games. Traffic flowed quite well as did the beer and the people that filled the streets and venues. Wonderful art exhibits and performers were all over the place and the atmosphere was electric. But, what really clenched the games for me was the closing day. Imagine me, the hockey antagonist, getting up early on Sunday morning in order to claim my stool at the local pub! It just doesn’t get stranger than that!  And I had fun…. I even followed the game… took the utmost in concentration after the 3 pints, or was it 4?, but, I did it….. It was a great game and something to be proud of as a Canadian. It was really cool after the final goal when the whole pub broke into singing “Oh Canada”…. brought tears to my eyes.  And 14 Gold Medals! Wow…. Good going Canada! …now…. you deserve to be able to show off those giant beavers and moose!

I’m really looking forward to the Paralympic Winter Games! March 12-21  2010         Maybe I’ll even try to catch a sledge hockey game! Wheelchair Curling sounds amazing too.

Hi guys, just putting this post up because I got a question from a reader and fellow blogger, asking if the buggy bag® came in smaller sizes. It does. The product line actually started with stroller and jogger stroller blankets and then expanded to cover wheelchairs as well. The stroller model works really well on small wheelchairs and has 3 shock-cord adjustment points, so you can snug it in to keep your little loves cozy.

I went to check out this readers blog, and it is simply amazing. Beautifully written and OMG…. the photos! WOW Truly a special child that chose a special family to bless.

Here’s picture of the stroller blanket,  you can order at 1-888-814-1588

Sells for $125 CAD plus $21 S&H  It’s also guaranteed

A few days ago, we did a photo shoot to highlight the buggy bag® wheelchair lap blanket. Fortunately, I know a brilliant photographer/visual artist (see who was willing to help me out. Rina found our model, location and even drove. We headed out to Coquitlam, where we would be doing the shoot with our model Jessica. We met up with Jessica and headed off to the park. Boy, did we ever get lucky with her! Jessica is nice, funny and pretty, and I think all of these traits shone through in the shots that Rina got. The best part of all though, was that Jessica got me thinking about new products for the buggy bag® line. I just get so stoked when people offer great feedback. My brain goes into overdrive thinking of new things to make. I love making things. I’ll tell you more about that next time!

Jessica took a Navy Lap Blanket home that day.

On the morning that the Buggy Bag® Site Launched, I was honored by an invitation to come and show the new Lap Blanket at a ConnecTra Workshop at the Vancouver Public Library. As it turned out it was also the ConnecTra Societys 10th birthday. The event was fairly well attended despite the rainy Vancouver day and the “HandyDart” strike. I had the opportunity to speak with most of the people in wheelchairs as I went around the room getting everybody to fill out the entry form for the draw. The winner of the draw for the free Buggy Bag® Lap Blanket was a woman by the name of Violeta.

Happy Birthday ConnecTra… and thanks for having me come and show the Lap Blanket!

On the trail with the BC Mobility Opportunity Society's Trailrider


ConnecTra is a connecting agency, linking people with disabilities to activities and programs that will, over time, allow them to gain confidence and become more active and involved in community life (it also includes self-employment group Abilities Business Co-op). ConnecTra is one of the six affiliated societies that make up the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation

Did you know?….. Sam Sullivan served a term as Vancouver City Mayor.

As some of you already know, the new buggy bag® lap blanket was introduced on October 1st.  My very first customer emailed me and said,  “… like your video demonstrates. I’m right hemiplegic.”

When I started  this project I was certain that I could come up with a product that would be really useful for a variety of people, and I think I succeeded at that. But, I have to admit that that comment made by my first customer made me really happy and so appreciative at the same time. You see, I had not thought of the need to have an opening going from the right side. I’m not sure why I picked the left side to be the opening side….maybe, because I’m a “lefty” myself, maybe, because the first person I worked with to develop the product happened to reach over and pull his blanket back from the left….. It doesn’t really matter why…..

What matters is that I will always feel thankful to that first customer for helping me see yet another way of looking at things.  It’s because of people like him that I can make the lap blanket a better product and be able to help more people be more comfortable.

This and your new water-proof Buggy Bag® Lap Blanket.....

This and your new water-proof Buggy Bag® Lap Blanket.....

It’s been a long time and a lot of work, but the time is here. The buggy bag® Mobility Site is launching in the morning! I’m so excited! I feel like I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into this thing…. and that, is good feeling. I love this product and I hope it is comforting and useful to all of the people who decide to buy it. It’s guaranteed, so if it’s not exactly working for certain people they can return it…. but, if you are one of those people…. please send it back with suggestions as to how I can make it better, or more suitable for certain needs in the future. Now that the ball is rolling and things are in place it will be easier to add more products and do different designs and variations of the primary product!

Let me know how you like it… and keep reading the blogs, because I will be keeping you posted about new styles and colors, among other things..

Time to get out and enjoy some fresh air! to view a video of me talking about the new Lap Blanket.

I need to have the first batch of buggy bag® Lap Blankets ready for October 1st…. That’s the day that the site launches this product. Getting things produced here in Vancouver can be a bit of a trial, to say the least. We do have some great manufacturers here, but not very many, so when they are busy…. well, that’s it!

I have a friend with a factory and I was able to borrow her cutting table to cut out the first batch. That took from 9am- 3pm today, but they are now ready to be sewn. Did I mention that I work in film? I make patterns/costumes for TV and Film. I work as a contractor and am always juggling different jobs. Always challenging, always new and always fun!

The buggy bag® Lap Blanket is close to my heart though, and is a special thing that I make time to do because I think it’s important. I want to make traveling in a wheelchair a warm, dry and safe experience.

COMING SOON October 1st, 2009

Well, I’m just preparing my talking part of the buggy bag® Lap Blanket for wheelchairs how-to Video… it’s harder than I thought it would be. Many years ago I was working packing boxes for a moving company in the crawl space of a house with a couple of guys. There was a lot of chit chat going on to fill the space that was lacking in height. One of the guys says to me “I don’t know how your boyfriend can stand listening to you, you have the most boring voice I’ve ever heard”. I’ve wondered ever since if this was just an isolated incident…. or do others find my voice equally as boring?  You be the judge on October 1, 2009 when the new site is launched and the video is launched…

Raining on shoot day, in Vancouver. Not surprising, and we were ready. I had already moved all my furniture to make room for the shoot. Lot’s of help showed up, including, Costa (the videographer), theCyberSpaceKing, Colin (our friend) , my daughter, and myself. We spent 6 hours shooting details over and over to get the best selection of material to work with. I was impressed with Costa’s eye for detail. We will get together next week to record the voice track and then he will edit it all together into this awesome clip to show the buggy bag® Lap Blanket to its fullest. The cool weather is almost upon us and I can’t wait to be able to get this great product out into the hands of people that want to stay warm and dry while out in their wheelchairs. Don’t forget to check the site on launch day, October 1, 2009.

buggy bag® mobility products

Buggy Bag® Mobility Products is dedicated to helping loved ones stay warm and dry while on the go. Buggy Bag® Stroller, Jogger and Wheelchair blankets protect against the cold and wet, while offering visibility in low light conditions.

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